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Dillo Hills - Fly without Wings

tech reviews Updated: Aug 12, 2011 11:33 IST
Dillo Hills

Armadillo’s are sad creatures, did you know that? They dream of flying but have got no wings. Until one Armadillo did the unthinkable. Dillo is an armadillo and it realised that even if they can't fly without wings, they can slide down slopes and jump over hill tops to thrilling long jumps, which is the closest they can get to flying.

All you have to do to help Dillo fly is to decide when to jump and when to land by touching your phone’s screen. A clone of the popular iOS game

Tiny Wings

, this is an Android game by Fex Labs.



Dillo Hills could have been a good game had it not kept reminding me of Tiny Wings. All you have to do is touch the screen and Dillo will roll over the hills. On your way you can collect diamonds to (later on) purchase upgrades. When you reach hill tops, you should leave the screen to let Dillo fly and then tap again to land Dillo. The objective is to keep Dillo happy by maximising the air-time.

To do so, you will need to roll down the hill-slide to gather speed and jump at the perfect time to cover the largest distance. Higher the speed, longer the jumps, and happier Dillo. Over time, you will jump across zones and traverse the world of Dillo Hills.

In the process, you can also gather lots of diamonds to buy character upgrades, unlock different characters and various hats. The upgrades further tweak the physics to help you make longer jumps.



This game is clearly not a native application for the Android. It needs Adobe Air to run and thus is not only resource heavy but also sluggish. Even on the Galaxy S2, there have been occassional lags. Otherwise, the game looks good and the audio complements it well. The game has an overall polish, which is comparable to any other good game out there in the market.


Being an unoriginal game and a very blunt copy of Tiny Wings does decrease the points that Dillo Hills should have got. To add, the hardware requirements also goes against the game due to the Air layer in between. Yet, Dillo Hills stands out to be a decent game worth playing for some time. It will not keep you glued to your phone but will definitely give you enough thrills to pass some quality time.

Priced at Rs 43.61 ($0.99)

the game is not overpriced but if you ask me, I’d rather play the free Lite version than buy the full game.