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Game Review: Imagine Pac-Man as Neo from Matrix

tech reviews Updated: Sep 22, 2015 14:19 IST
Sarit Ray

PacMan 256

Born in the ’80s and call yourself a gaming geek? Then you know of the famous glitch in the legendary maze game, Pac-Man. At level 256, one side of the screen disintegrates into random numbers and letters.

If you haven’t seen it, imagine Pac-Man as Neo from Matrix, and the world suddenly in some sort of code.

Bandai Namco (Namco being the developer of the original) has taken the glitch and created a game ’80s kids will love, and the smartphone generation must discover. Instead of a finite screen (and finite pellets), it goes on endlessly.

The catch? The glitch starts eating away from one side, and you must outrun it. In addition to power pellets (that make enemies ‘edible’), you also pick up weapons like lasers and bombs.

But just when we’d decided on this as our next battery-drainer, we discover the flipside of app-store games: when you run out of credits, you can’t just start a new game. Wait for them to reload slowly, or succumb to in-app purchases.