Google unveils new 'Endgame'

  • AFP
  • Updated: Mar 17, 2015 11:19 IST

Google company Niantic Labs has announced the title of its next Alternate Reality Game - "Endgame: Proving Ground."

The creation by Niantic Labs, a Google-owned company, follows the success of its experimental GPS-based game "Ingress," which has reportedly attracted users from over 200 countries over the past two years.

"Endgame: Proving Ground", a similar mobile-location based experience albeit with a different storyline, will offer players the opportunity to create a character and participate in a global interactive adventure that will take place in the real world.

As part of the game, players join one of the 12 original bloodlines of humanity and will be able to use their smartphones to engage in virtual battles player verus player (PvP) for control of "key sites" around them in the real world.

"Endgame: Proving Ground" is expected to be released later this year and will use apps on Android and iOS to enable players to interact in a game world.

"Endgame: Proving Ground" is now open for registration for fans who want to be in the running to participate in the closed beta of the game.

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