More options for creating avatars in 'The Sims 4'

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  • Updated: May 15, 2014 10:54 IST

The Electronic Arts video game has resurfaced with a new video. The official trailer highlights improvements to the "Create a Sims" mode in the game's next edition.

The trailer is the first fans have heard about "The Sims 4" since October 2013. The studio has revealed a little more about the new version of the game, which will be available for PC users from this fall. In particular, the new trailer offers a closer look at the "Create a Sims" menu.

Electronic Arts promises that the new menu is "tactile, more intuitive and much more powerful." The video illustrates the multiple ways users can express their imagination when creating new avatars. An enhanced level of detail will allow players to refine the Sims' appearance more than ever before. Players will even be able to click and drag directly on an avatar's body to adjust certain features, meaning that the possibilities for personalization are endless.

Electronic Arts has also added the option to adjust their ways of speaking and walking to create truly unique Sims. Character traits and aspirations will also return.
Electronic Arts is expected to reveal more details on "The Sims 4" during a press conference at E3, which takes place June 10-12 in Los Angeles.

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