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Nine reasons to start tweeting

tech reviews Updated: Aug 25, 2009 20:16 IST
Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Is Twitter the future of blogging? Is 140 characters all people need? I think not, but I do think this nifty little tool can be used to make your blog really popular. If you want to get into blogging in a big way, you must get into Twitter. And here are nine reasons why.

1 It is really, really easy to use. Perhaps even easier than blogging. Thanks to the fact that Twitter has an excellent mobile set up, even the cheapest phone can be used to send a Twitter update. It’s like an SMS, but to the world. Cool, right?
2 You can use it to promote your blog. Assuming you have Twitter followers who don’t read your blog, all you need to do is post a link to a new post each time you update. Easy and if site stats are anything to go by, very effective.
3 You can be lazy about blogging sometimes. It’s true. If you update Twitter regularly, there’s no need to post every day. We all have slow weeks with nothing interesting to say. Use that on Twitter to keep people interested.
4 It can add a certain something to your blog like extra information about you. Add the Twitter code to your sidebar and readers of your blog can see when you update and add you if they like.
5 It can help you stay connected to your readers. Assuming you don’t reply to every single comment people leave you on your blog, Twitter is a good way to stay in touch and to encourage people to interact. Also, since you update Twitter almost every hour (hopefully), readers will have a lot more topics to choose from to discuss with you.
6 You can link it to all your other accounts. Facebook statuses sometimes need a lot of work. Just hook up Facebook and Twitter, and voila! You have an even larger base to choose from.
7 Famous people use it. Almost every movie or TV star you can think of is on Twitter. If it’s cool enough for them, it should be cool enough for everybody. Plus, they use it to keep people informed about their projects, so think of how good it must be for your blog.
8 You can personalise your Twitter page now. Tweak the background and upload some pretty images so it’s more a reflection of you and your blog.
9You can use it to kickstart a blog post. Write a brief note about a subject and see how people respond. Use that for a full fledged post.
There you go. Nine very good reasons why you should just go get yourself that Twitter account right now. If nothing else, it’ll help you get over your writer’s block!

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