Skype for Web enters public beta

  • AFP
  • Updated: Jun 06, 2015 11:33 IST

Microsoft's voice and video calling app Skype is continuing to step into the browser space with a US and UK beta of Skype for Web via

Available as a smartphone app and desktop client, the roll-out envisions people using Skype for Web in order to respond to contacts via a bigger screen, or on an internet café computer that might not have the program installed.

Contacts and conversations sync between the two, while Skype for Web combines the two categories in a single timeline view.

Skype for Web also has pop-up notifications so can do something else while in conversation or waiting for one to start, but will need to be able to install a software plug-in for the website to work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Among other browsers, Google's Hangouts dropped its requirement for a separate Chrome plug-in last year, Mozilla Firefox partnered with Telefonica for 2014's Firefox Hello, Apple's Safari supports the facetime:// protocol, while Opera Software had teamed up with JAJAH way back in 2006 to offer web-based telephony direct from Opera Mobile and Opera Mini.

Microsoft, developer of Internet Explorer, purchased Skype in May 2011.

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