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Some top iPhone annoyances...

tech reviews Updated: Jul 31, 2009 13:38 IST
PC World

Even a gadget as good as the iPhone has not come sans its tech glitches! Thankfully, some greater techno freaks have invented solutions to these glaring loopholes too.

Some major problems with solutions:

* AT&T: The carrier's stranglehold in the US is becoming even more irksome as foreign iPhone users start to enjoy better tethering and multimedia messaging services.
The workaround: Visiting a site called and following instructions detailed at iPhoneHacks will allow tethering without having to jailbreak your iPhone. (Disclaimer: There's always a chance that AT&T will punish you for being sneaky.) If you're just fed up with AT&T and want to stick it to the man, unlock your iPhone and switch to T-Mobile -the only other major US carrier using the iPhone-friendly GSM radio band - until a better offer comes around.

* Weak email management: An update has added bulk email management, but there's still no simple way to delete or move batches of messages.
The workaround: There's no truly satisfying alternative. Accessing your e-mail account via your provider's Web-based interface is the only option for more control. It may not be as pretty as the built-in iPhone mail app, but you'll get some of your functionality back.

* Default applications cannot be hidden: Apple seems to think that every user needs a shortcut to checking the stock market.
The workaround: Isolate undesirable apps on your last home page--that's the quick and dirty method. A more elaborate trick, detailed at Macenstein, stashes apps on a hidden overflow page, though this works only until the iPhone is turned off. Jailbreakers will seek out programs such as Sbsettings or Poof.

* Applications can't run in the background: It's great to be able to listen to Internet radio stations like Pandora, but it'd be even better if you could check email at the same time.
The workaround: Sadly, you'll have to use your get-out-of-jail-free card. Jailbreakers can download Gaizin's Backgrounder app for full multi-tasking.