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The Ville allows users to have virtual sex

tech reviews Updated: Jun 27, 2012 18:18 IST

People can now have virtual sex using the new Zynga game ‘The Ville’ which appears to be heavily inspired by the popular game ‘The Sims’.

The game is the most realistic yet in the Ville series of games that includes FarmVille, CityVille, and CastleVille.

The concept is that you build your dream house in the app, and then invite your pals over to hang out.

According to Zynga executive producer David Gray, in the game when someone is in people’s house and people begin to interact with them, people can level up by interacting with them in ways that the game sees as romantic.

In the game as people climb the experience tree, you eventually unlock the capability to initiate the “happiness home run,” or just “whoopee” as Gray called it in an interview.

When people do so, the two characters begin to disrobe on-screen not completely, though and the bed in the virtual bedroom gets covered, briefly, with little floating hearts. Then it’s over.

While you can have virtual sex in ‘The Ville’, people cannot yet get virtually married. And there are no virtual consequences, like children. Some pro-family groups are bound to take issue with that.

The game is not age-restricted. Gray said that since the game requires a Facebook login, Zynga can rely on Facebook’s own age restrictions there has been no news on what happens if Facebook opens up officially to users under its current cut-off of 13.

While all Zynga games are social, this game is more of a dating app than anything the company has yet done.

People will want to feather their nests to attract friends over to hang out, and there is an option, when talking with an on-screen character, to click over to see their real-world Facebook profile.

A big part of Zynga’s press conference was a discussion of the platform’s new matchmaking platform, which helps players get connected with new users that they’re most likely to enjoy playing their favorite games with. Gray says that The Ville doesn’t yet use the matchmaking system, but it may in the future, and it will be opt-in.

Gray estimateed that the overall game design -- it’s not all about sex -- will lead to a female gender bias. He estimated about 65 percent.