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Upcoming video games: 'One Piece,' 'Wii Sports Club'

tech reviews Updated: Jul 05, 2014 15:56 IST
Unlimited World RED

Luffy and crew assemble for another go at defeating their enemies, digital style, while the Wii U receives its own edition of classic "Wii Sports" with online multiplayer and regional clubs.

One Piece: Unlimited World RED (3DS PS3 WiiU Vita)
Japan: since November 2013; June 12 on 3DS
Europe: June 27
North America: July 8

Slick cartoon-style brawler continuing the 14-year tradition of tie-ins for Eiichiro Oda's longrunning manga and (more pertinently) animated series. The Trafalgar Law character is exclusive to the new Coliseum Mode, encouraging players to try out a team battle inspired by One Piece's most recent episodes.

Wii Sports Club (Wii U)
Japan: July 17
North America: July 25
European regions: July 11

Treated to a staggered release via the Nintendo eShop, five sporting diversions, upgraded from the original "Wii Sports," are here collected at a lower overall price for the retail edition: Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball, Boxing. Suitable for mutliplayer games at home or online, with regional clubs to join and integration with the Miiverse network.

Freedom Planet (Lin Mac WinPC)
International: July 19

Devoted "Sonic the Hedgehog" homage that is more than just a pastiche: tight platforming, three original characters, slick and speedy dashing and inventive level layouts typify this Kickstarter success.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! (PS4 Vita)
North America: July 22
European regions: July 23

Friendly and mischevious alien Abe returns in a remake of his 1997 debut "Abe's Oddysee," rebuilt from the ground up, and once more sending Abe on a species-wide rescue mission. Incorporates a Cross-Buy feature which makes the game available for play on both PS4 and Vita for the price of one purchase. Releases on Linux, Mac, Winows PC, Wii U and Xbox One to follow.

Unrest (Lin Mac WinPC)
International: July 23

Another Kickstarter product, adventure game "Unrest" eschews chiseled heroes for ordinary folks, taking as its backdrop a struggling Indian city, as players finds their place in a populace untouched by destiny's hand.

The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)
North America: July 29
European regions: July 30 (UK: August 1)
Japan: August 21

A tour de force in PlayStation's 2013 calendar year, and a triumphant swansong for the PS3. This remastered edition offers upgraded graphics as well as a director's commentary, multiplayer add-ons, and the story's prequel expansion "Left Behind."