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Video games this week: Rayman Legends, Puppeteer

tech reviews Updated: Sep 02, 2013 15:48 IST

Among upcoming video games, speedy platform game "Rayman Legends" bursts onto a multitude of platforms in a a vibrant carnival of sound and color, while legions assemble for historical battles in "Total War: Rome II."

Rayman Legends (360 WinPC PS3 WiiU Vita)
European regions: August 30 (AUS: Aug 29)
North America: September 3

It took a while, especially for Wii U owners, but "Rayman Legends" arrives in a whirlwind of music, color, and the sort of deft, speedy platforming action that could put Sonic to shame. Singleplayer, cooperative multiplayer, online challenges and leaderboard-based speed runs await.
Price: $59 / €49 / £39 / AU$59 ; less on Vita and PC

Total War: Rome II (Win)
International download: September 3

Revisiting the Roman setting of Total War's 2004 entry, with beautifully rendered land and naval forces set to clash and players taking command of advancing and defending armies across a map that stretches right across the Mediterranean, and seven other playable factions included alongside the Romans.
Price: $59 / €55 / £29 / R$99 / AU$79

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (Linux Mac Win)
International via download: September 10

A dark thriller and a response to the terrifying, award winning 2010 title "Amnesia: The Dark Descent." Players this time become amnesiac entrepreneur Oswald Mandus, who looses conciousness following a trip to Mexico and awakens only to aquaint himself with the titular machine and, one suspects, the true nature of his being.
Price: $19 / €16 / £13 / R$35 / AU$19

NHL 14 (360 PS3)
North America: September 10
European and PAL regions: September 13

Get ready for a new season of puck-smashing, pad grinding, and slick goal scoring on the ice of "NHL 14," which now lifts physics from "FIFA" and fisticuffs from "Fight Night," with the threat of relegation for terrible teams, downtime decisions regarding players' progression, and a retro NHL 94 mode for old timers and the curious alike.
Price: $59 / €69 / £39 / AU$89

Puppeteer (PS3)
Japan: September 5
North America: September 10
European and PAL regions: September 11

Lead scissor-wielding youth Kutaro and his feline apparition Ying Yang on a search for the young chap's replacement heads and, ultimately, his original noggin, stolen by the devilish Moon Bear King.
Price: $39 / €39 / £25 / AU$49 / ¥5,980

Killzone: Mercenary (Vita)
European regions: Septmeber 4
Japan: September 5
North America: September 10

The "Killzone" franchise makes its debut handheld appearance as a portable first-person shooter, designed for the Vita's dual thumbsticks, touch controls, and beefy tech specs, for the first time giving players the chance to fight on both sides of the long-running "Killzone" conflict.
Price: $39 / €39 / £25 / AU$49 / ¥4980

The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)
North America: September 15
European and PAL regions: since August 23
Japan: August 24

Lead a cohort of suited and booted heroes and heroines in defense of the Earth and against the invading force of alien Geathjerks that descend upon Blossom City. Bust them up good by uniting the Wonderful 100 and morphing them into the shape of giant guns, swords, stingers, fists, bombs, claws and more. Single player campaign and five player party mode.
Price: $59 / €49 / £39 / AU$79 / ¥6,930