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Xbox originals

tech reviews Updated: Mar 17, 2009 13:52 IST

An Xbox original is an Xbox game re-released on Xbox Live which you can play straight off your hard drive. Here are five we think you should try out. They’re available for for 1200 MS Points (Rs 750 approx) on Xbox Live .

Burnout 3 Takedown
Burnout Takedown practically revolutionised the arcade racer genre with its breakneck speeds coupled with ‘takedowns’ — brutal ways in which you could take your opponents down which included shoving them off a cliff. Blow up enough cars and your car could be detonated via a Crashbreaker allowing you to amplify your destruction... ten fold.

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse
This was one of the first games that actually allowed players to step into the boots of the undead and wreak havoc among the living. You couldn’t wield weapons and you weren’t too fast on your feet, but you could chew off a part of someone’s brain and create your very own army of zombies. And Stubbs could also fart his way out of a situation using a special power up called Flatulence. I rest my case.

Criterion, best known for their Burnout series, experimented with the first person genre and passed with flying colours. What sets Black apart is the immaculate detail Criterion has paid to each and every weapon. Not only do they look authentic, but their sounds are real enough to make your neighbours sit up and take notice.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Even though I was floored by the technical aspects of Grand Theft Auto IV, San Andreas is ahead by leaps and bounds as far as gameplay is concerned. The state of San Andreas is a lot bigger than New York, which makes driving around aimlessly listening to some West Coast rap an insanely liberating experience. The game even infuses certain RPG elements besides an epic single player mission.

Ninja Gaiden
Completing Ninja Gaiden is a feat in itself. Slice, dice and mutilate your enemies as Ryu Hyabusa, a member of the Dragon clan who’s on a noble quest to annihilate the evil Doku.