5 checks to keep Chrome browser from slowing down your PC

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 03, 2016 12:38 IST
Make sure you regularly close and open Chrome to keep it running smoothly

The Chrome browser is man’s new best friend with most computer users tilting towards it as the choice of internet browser. But it’s a greedy little mongrel nevertheless. It gets things done, relatively quickly and efficiently while looking good too, but gobbles down on resources like RAM and battery. This keeps Chrome running smoothly till you open up multiple tabs while bogging down other applications. Here are a few steps to keep the hungry monster from making your life any tougher.

> Uninstall any unnecessary extensions. Go to “chrome://extensions” and click on the trash symbol next to extensions and apps you rarely use.

> Always clear your cache memory. How? Just go to “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData”, select everything and delete everything.

> Disable plugins. This is a bit trickly because you might not know which of the plugins you actually use. So, just let them be unless you know for sure of what you’re doing. Go to “chrome://plugins” to see a list of plugins installed.

> Get The Great Tab Suspender from the Chrome Web Store. This add-on keeps your tabs from hogging on resources if left open in the background for too long.

> Get an antivirus to scan for malware and virus. You might not notice it, but your random heating up of computers is caused by malware running in the background and more often than you’d expect, attach themselves to applications like Chrome to wrek havoc.

Besides these steps, you also enable the fast tab/ window closing option in “chrome://flags”. Also, make sure you regularly close and open Chrome to keep it running smoothly. On running the software for prolonged periods, its efficiency in using resources can faulter.

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