A smart underwear to get that perfect body posture

  • ANI, Tokyo
  • Updated: Jan 29, 2016 13:43 IST
A Japanese company has developed an underwear which keeps track of your body posture. If your posture is incorrect, you get a notification on your smartphone.

A Japanese clothing company has developed an underwear which enables improved body postures. If the person’s sitting in a bad posture, it is reflected on his smartphone. The sensor device is constituted by knit material and is placed on the backside of shirt to monitor the distortion of posture.

“Current product enables to check distortion of posture. But this sensor system is available to monitor the pulse of heart and consuming calorie. Bad condition of body in hot climate will be prospected by this shirt. It has big potential usability applying to hot country,” said Yoshiyuki Nagai, Gunze Limited.

Fiber technology enhances usability to diversified cases by utilising sensor capable of being set on to uneven surface operation. It also has fabric piano, a keyboard made from fiber knit which has conductor wire. It conveys touch. When player uses smartphone, piano concert is realised through specific application software.

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