Apple just slashed iPhone 5s pricing to Rs. 24,999

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 14, 2015 13:23 IST
The iPhone 5S accounts for almost 50% of total iPhone sales in the country (Pixabay)

Apple has dropped the price of its most popular phone in India — the iPhone 5S — to Rs. 24,999 from Rs. 44,500. Granted, it’s not the latest, greatest iPhone (which starts at a staggering Rs. 62,000 in India), but if you still want a 4-inch phone that fits comfortably in your hand, the iPhone 5S is the one to get.

Retailers told Economic Times that the iPhone 5S accounts for almost 50% of total iPhone sales in the country. Apple had previously slashed the price of the 5S during the November festive season, but cutting it by nearly half is unprecedented. According to analysts who spoke to ET, this price cut is Apple’s way to ensure growth in the mid-segment market that is currently dominated by brands like OnePlus.

Granted, the OnePlus Two, which costs the same as an iPhone 5S now, might still be a better deal if you compare raw specs. But Apple’s devices have always been about the combination of hardware and Apple’s superior ecosystem of apps compared to Google’s Play Store on Android.

Apple also has an unfair advantage: you can get most Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Photos and more on the iPhone as well as Apple’s own services like iMessage and FaceTime.

You can pick up the iPhone 5S at the new price at an authorised Apple retailer near you — or just grab one from your favourite e-commerce website.

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