Catcopter, sharkjet: Bizarre artist turns dead pets into drones

  • Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Oct 06, 2015 12:28 IST
‘Orvillecopter’ is a dead pet cat converted into a copter by a Dutch Artist. (

The next time you see a dead cat or a shark flying over your head don’t be surprised -- a Dutch ‘artist’ is turning dead animals into drones and flying them around.

In 2012, Dutchman Bart Jensen, who installs solar panels for a living, decided to pay tribute to his pet cat ‘Orville’ who died in a car crash. He gutted the cat, mounted it on a drone and called it ‘Orvillecopter’ - his idea of a tribute.

“I decided to pay tribute to his lost life by giving him a new one. Electronic life. How he loved birds,” Jensen wrote later after starting an official website for his products -

Thus started Jenson’s bizarre journey into making such products. After building cat-copter he went on to build copters with dead rats, ostriches and sharks. Jensen has recently started ‘Copter company’, a Netherlands-based start-up, that specializes in producing a wide range of taxidermy drones.

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