Indian IoT maker Smartron wants to be Tendulkar of the tech world

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 31, 2016 15:15 IST
In Smartron’s ideal world, despite changing devices — phones, tablets, ultrabooks, light bulbs, televisions — you have all the access to your data and services.

The Sachin Tendular invested company, Smartron announced their Tbook at a price of Rs 39,999 in New Delhi on Thursday. The Microsoft Surface competitor is just one of the devices that Smartron will launch this year, without the gimmick of flash sales. Not because they want to make a presence among devices of all screen sizes, but deliver an ecosystem. From what founder and chariman, Mahesh Lingareddy told HT, Smartron is in search of enthusiasts who want a seamless experience.

In Smartron’s ideal world, despite changing devices — phones, tablets, ultrabooks, light bulbs, televisions — you have all the access to your data and services. Your photos taken on the phone and screenshots and images saved on the laptop are available in one folder. The music you have on your Windows laptop, is also available on your Android phone. You get the idea.

The company based in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, designs and build their devices in India. The Tbook isn’t completely manufactured in India, but their upcoming Android smartphone will be. However, the are trying to achieve a global presence with sales and services in India, US and UAE among others.

Lingareddy addressing the launch said, “We’re not a restaurant or business place app. We’re not even about devices or announcing a Re 1 phone. We are a company driven by emphasis on design and technology. Even though, we are based in India, we have ambitions to reach out to the world. We missed the PCs and mobile phone revolutions, but we think IoT is where we can establish an Indian company with a global presence.”

Sachin Tendulkar, an investor in Smartron speaking on the launch said, “The first innings of my life was on the cricket pitch, and now the second innings is getting into partnerships with entrepreneurs. An Indian company going global is a matter of pride, and i wanted to be a part of it. It would be a dream come true to see Americans carrying this phone. That’s something we aspire to be.”

When asked about one feature that he’d want to see in Smartron devices, Tendulkar quipped, “That’s like me asking you to tell me how to play a straight drive.”

Smartron’s endgame is to do for technology, what Sachin did for cricket. It wants to have a range of devices in a few years that run their own artificially intelligent OS on all your devices (trons) — TVs, laptops, phones to smartwatches. But for now, in the coming months, Smartron will release a Windows 10 Tbook. But as Lingareddy told us, “It’s the experience we want to deliver.” Using hardware software and cloud platforms, all your contacts, SMS, photos, movies, music, apps and more will be available across devices. So, when you buy a laptop and phone from Smartron, if you get a message on your phone, you will be able to answer messages from there even photos will be available in one place.

Initially they are selling through the Gadgets360 website but want to take it completely to the tStore. It is going to take time to build the entire ecosystem. Apple is one company that has such an ecosystem with features such as hand-off between phones, laptops and tablets. But Smartron doesn’t consider just Apple as their competitors, they’re competing with the entire market, and working towards delivering the most hassle-free experience of owning devices.

Smartron’s tCloud will keep all the data — photos, contacts, music — from your Windows Tbook and Android Tphone backed up in the cloud. So that even if your system crashes, you can get a replacement and restore from the cloud with tCare. The tCare feature lets you get help with figuring software issues by giving the customer service representative remote access.

For now, the features that Smartron is offering aren’t very unique. You can sync your photos between phones and cloud with Google Photos or iCloud. And similarly sync contacts via Gmail, sms via third-party apps and more. But, Smartron is making the a promise to simplify the entire process and aggregating all the services under one window — Hubtron. Smartron plans to stick to one device launch a year. And do deal with your old device, they’re working with Greendust, who sell refurbished gadgets.

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