After Apple’s launch event, is it time to buy a new iPhone?

  • Sanshey Biswas, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 22, 2016 18:25 IST
With the new contender to the throne -- iPhone SE, we look at the entire lineup of iPhones. We’ve jotted down the strengths of each iPhone. So, if that is the deciding factor, you might as make the plunge. (Apple)

Till 2015, we would ask the inevitable question ‘Is it time to buy a new iPhone?’ only twice a year. Once when the phone would be launched and then when you’d see the prices fall. But with the new contender to the throne, iPhone SE, we might be asking this question more often then usual.

To simplify the choice, we’ve jotted down the strengths of each iPhone. So, if that is the deciding factor, you might as make the plunge.

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iPhone 6s Plus — Rs 50,000 (OIS + 12 MP iSight camera + 3D Touch + 5.5-inch Retina display)

The optical image stabilisation (OIS) on the iPhone 6s Plus paired with a 12 MP iSight camera makes it the best iPhone for recording videos and clicking pictures. The OIS cuts out jitters and reduces the probability of photos turning out blurry. The phone also ports the exclusive 3D Touch feature that lets you jump into shortcuts by pressing harder than a tap on an icon.

iPhone 6s — Rs 40,500 (12 MP iSight camera + 3D Touch + 4.7-inch Retina display)

If you don’t shoot many videos and can do without a huge screen, the iPhone 6s will rob you Rs 10,000 less for a similar experience to the iPhone 6s Plus. Even it packs the latest 3D Touch technology and iSight camera.

iPhone 6 Plus — Rs 46,000 (5.5-inch screen)

If you just care about having a big screen and also want an Apple logo on the back of your phone, just get the iPhone 6s Plus. But do note, shelling out an extra 4K for the much better camera on the iPhone 6s Plus is more than worth it.

iPhone 6 — Rs 32,000 (4.7 inch screen)

Unless you are positively sure that you can’t survive without a screen bigger than 4 inches, do not buy this phone.

(Apple iPhone SE)

iPhone SE — Rs 39,000 (12 MP iSight camera + 4-inch Retina display)

We’ve heard from Apple that by early next month, the iPhone SE will be available for Rs 39,000. It has all the features that 6s and 6s Plus boast of except for the 3D Touch. Also, it only has a 4-inch screen. But before Android phones spoilt us, 3.5- and 4- inch screens were quite common. People still find these phones ideal for one-hand use. Pair that with the latest A9 processor and the best camera modules from Apple and you have the iPhone SE. It’s a phone you’d buy if you care more about performance than size.

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iPhone 5s — Rs 18,000

You’d buy this phone just because you want to own an iPhone and couldn’t care less about features or specifications. All you use your phone for is reading and communicating.

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