Nexus and iPhone battle to get more gruesome

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  • Updated: Feb 02, 2016 16:27 IST
Google has discussed taking more control over the building and branding of Nexus phone, a step toward being a more vertically integrated phone maker, like Apple

Apple lost it’s claim to the throne of most valued company after Alphabet organised all the project under development at Google. But that just seems like the beginning of a battle between David and Goliath.

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Apple has been at the forefront of computing from day one. Whether it were desktops or laptops, Apple and Microsoft went head to head against each other with respect to software, hardware and even keynotes. Microsoft overtook Apple to make Bill Gates one of the richest man as Apple struggled under Job’s exile. But when he got back and teamed up with Jony Ive, the story that followed is known. If you’re unfamiliar with it, watch one of the dozen films on the icon.

Since then, Microsoft has stumbled under Steve Ballmer and Nadella is working hard to get the company its groove back. In the meanwhile, what started as a search grew out of a garage just like Apple and Microsoft did. Google was just a search engine that was running in a Garage before dwelling into phones’ OS (Android), browsers, email service, photo management and *everything else*. From navigation, search to communication, Google has become a part of everything an Android, Chrome or Gmail user does. You have to agree, that everyone you know uses at least one of the three.

Even with the immense reach, Apple was still the most valued company courtesy of excruciating prices for even the basic models of their devices. And even though Android made great strides in terms of their presence on phones around the globe, Apple and Windows remain dominant on tablets, smartwatches and computers.

According to a report by The Information , “Google’s ongoing push to make Android smartphones more competitive with Apple’s iPhone has led to changes for Google’s Nexus phone program. Google has discussed taking more control over the building and branding of Nexus phone, a step toward being a more vertically integrated phone maker, like Apple.”

One of the aims of the Nexus programme was to help companies build better Android phones. Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC have benefitted by partnering with Google to build Nexus phones. But if the report is taken into consideration, Google might want more control over a phone’s design and execution to go head-to-head with the likes of iPhone. Or maybe, they will team up with multiple companies and get them to make parts of the phone while keeping overall control of the device.

Either way, the Nexus line seems to be stepping up to the challenge the iPhones poses and huge competition is yet to unfurl. And with great competition come great products that we get to use and enjoy.

There has been rumours about Apple launching several new devices around the end of March or the beginning of April just ahead of Google I/O in May.

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