Sindhi people are furious at Amazon and you won’t believe why

  • Pranav Dixit, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 14, 2015 16:23 IST

On July 2, Amazon put this ad in newspapers across the country.

Yep. Just a simple thank you to customers across the country in many official Indian languages. Well, it turns out they left out one: Sindhi. Here’s what’s been circulating on WhatsApp for the last few days:

No one seems to know where this is from, but some people on Twitter think it’s probably from a small Sindhi community newsletter. No. One Cares. They’re furious. And they’re tweeting about it. #RhetoricalAwesomeness

The nation wants to know.

Seriously, Amazon.

What social problems? This is clearly the burning issue of the day! How dare they?

Behave yourself, Amazon.

Yep. Till the next purchase only.

#SindhiIsIgnored FTW

Update: Amazon has issued an updated version of the ad on its Twitter and Facebook accounts which now includes a "Thank You" in Sindhi. #SindhiIsNoLongerIgnored

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