The taco, unicorn, crab and lion emoji are coming to Nexus phones

  • AFP
  • Updated: Dec 04, 2015 12:34 IST
Nexus owners, you’re getting brand new emoji as soon as next week. So really, there’s no reason for iOS envy.

Rejoice, Nexus owners. Brand new emoji are heading your way.

In a tweet, Android’s Vice President of Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer revealed that next week Nexus phones will be updated with new emoji.

Lockheimer also announced that Nexus phones would undergo a full system upgrade, with a “new keyboard, new font, new code”. The new emoji, including a taco, unicorn, lion and crab, which iOS and Mac users received earlier this week, are part of this upgrade. Non-Nexus phone users will have to wait until their manufacturers push the upgrade.

The emoji are part of the Unicode 8.0 standard, which iOS users have had since June, while Android has stayed with Unicode 6.0. Meanwhile, emoji idea applications are being accepted for Unicode 9.0, set to arrive mid-2016.

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