Ultimately, it’s going to be man with machines: Nadella

  • San Francisco, PTI
  • Updated: Mar 31, 2016 13:06 IST
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella envisaged a future where machine is not against man but works with humans to offer seamless interface and experience in day-to-day learning. (Reuters Photo)

Envisaging a technological future where computers can learn human language and have conversations with people, Microsoft’ CEO Satya Nadella said companies need to build “respectful” technology which gets the best of humanity and not the worst.

“We want to take the power of human language and apply it more pervasively to all of the computing interface and interactions,” Nadella said on Wednesday in his keynote address to thousands of developers at Microsoft’s annual Build 2016 conference here.

“To do that, you have to infuse (intelligence) into the computers around us, you have to bring forth these technologies of artificial intelligence in machine learning so that we can teach computers to learn the human language, have conversational understanding, teach them about the broad contexts of personal preferences and knowledge so that they can help you with your everyday task,” Nadella, 48, said.

He envisaged a future where machines are not against man but work with humans to offer seamless interface and experience in day-to-day learning. “All technology that we build has to be more inclusive and respectful..We want to build technology that gets the best of humanity and not the worst,” Nadella said.

“We want to build intelligence that augments human abilities and experiences. Ultimately, it is not going to be about man versus machine. It is going to be about man with machines,” he said.

Technology where the human ability of judgement creativity, empathy and emotion is combined with the fast computation and ability to reason over large amounts of data, he said. “We want all developers to infuse intelligence into their applications...As we infuse intelligence into everything it is important to have a principled approach,” Nadella said.

“This will help us move our society forward. You also have to build trust right into our technology that means you have to have technology that has built-in protections for privacy, transparency, security as well as compliance,” he said.

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