It looks like Google+ might not be dead after all

  • AFP, AFP, New York
  • Updated: Nov 27, 2015 15:42 IST
Google Plus -- it’s still alive (AFP)

According to the latest research from GlobalWebIndex one in four web users are still using the much-maligned social network.

When the consumer trends research firm polled its permanent sample of 3 million people across 34 countries, 23% said that they’d actively contributed to Google+ over the past month.

And, as for where the network has its biggest fans, Latin America is home to its largest user base -- 32% of web users there say they use Google+ monthly.

North America is where it’s least popular (16%) and in Europe (20%) things aren’t much better, but in the Middle East and Africa (29%) and in the Asia Pacific region excluding China (27%) -- in other words the fastest-growing internet uptake areas -- it is proving very popular.

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