Xbox S at $299 wants to be your gaming destination

  • Sanshey Biswas, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 14, 2016 02:27 IST
The latest gaming console from Microsoft is 40% smaller, supports up to 2 TB HDD, has an integrated power supply, supports HDR gaming and 4K ultra HD Blu-ray playback

Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, introduced the latest Xbox S at the E3 gaming conference on Monday.

The console from Microsoft is 40% smaller, has an integrated power supply and supports up to 2 TB HDD. It also supports HDR gaming and 4K ultra HD Blu-ray playback at a price of $299. The wireless controllers now have a better range besides improved grip. Also, you can design your controller with 8 million possible combinations of colours for the grip and buttons, and even get it engraved.

The games with the Xbox Play anywhere feature, you just have to buy the game once to play it on Xbox and Windows 10. The Co-op feature lest you invite friends to compete against, or with over the Xbox Live network. Your progress will be saved and synced across the devices you play the games on.

Updates to Xbox Live

Xbox Live, Microsoft’s competitor to PlayStation Network also received a host of new features just like the new Xbox One S. You’ll be able to play music of your choice in the background during any game. Microsoft’s Artificially Intelligent assistant, Cortana is following you to the Xbox now. Clubs will let you meet people who have similar gaming interests to chat and interact with. Looking for players for your team is easier with the Group feature that will let you advertise requirements for teammates who match or compliments your style of gameplay. Arena is tournament to register, compete -- solo or in groups -- in tournaments by popular publishers. EA is bringing FIFA to the Arena too.

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