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Facebook on last Monday decided to buy Instagram for $1 Billion, which has brought eyeballs at the photo sharing apps available on iOS and Android. Before Instagram, the last known photo startup to make a notable exit was PhotoBucket, which was acquired by MySpace’s parent company for $250 million in 2007. But now with Instagram bought by the mighty social networking site – Facebook, the focus is right back on photo sharing apps which was earlier never found by investors as a profitable funding option.

We present an overview of arguably the best photo-sharing apps available on Android and iOS. Photo sharing apps that are very helpful for you to upload your photos. Whether you are designer, developer, office worker, manager, supervisor, student, home user, etc. But we make sure to add something interesting for everyone. Most of them are not very well-known, but they are really amazing in respect to their features. Just take a look at them and share your thoughts too.

The billion dollar baby has an interface that is as simple as it gets.  Instagram allows you to follow uploads from people on your Facebook, Twitter or contact list. The opening page shows you the latest pics from people whom you are following. But Instagram’s greatest asset is its ease of operation in uploading and sharing. Once you have configured the accounts you want to share your pics to, or even mail them, it takes hardly a few minutes to upload a pic through your camera or your camera roll. Finally what’s really cool are the plethora of single click effects that transform ordinary pics into studio quality.


The one thing I would really like though would have been the option of uploading multiple pics at once. That would have made the app ..  well almost complete. Really look forward to see the enhancements the Facebook team  may have for this app.

Price: Free
Platform: iOS and Android
App Link -

Probably has to be the best flickr app for the ipad. The app lets you look at recent activity, groups, search, make stacks for reference and upload and download pics. Uploading can happen through itunes or your photo library, in single or multiple files. This apart it allows you to do everything, adding description tags, downloading and viewing photos from other people, searching people and images.


The only drawback is to upload pictures into groups. It didn’t let me do that.  Filestackr also allows sharing the links on sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Truly a remarkable app considering it is not the official app.

Price: Free / $1.99
Platform: iOS
App Link -

Photo Bucket
Photobucket is another significant photo-sharing site who have a fair amount of users from their website. The app allows you to upload pictures to the website or download pictures from it, as well as sharing them to the likes of Twitter and Facebook. The Photobucket Corporation have additionally released a separate application, called Snapbucket, which lets you edit and add filters and frames to your photos.


The interface is good and the ability to tag photos, which is superb if you have a lot of images. Viewing pictures is a genuinely pleasant experience on the app and there is an auto-upload feature.

Price: Free
Platform: iOS and Android
App Link -

From the creators of best-selling, award-winning iSocialize for Facebook and Twitter, finally Trendyful. Trendyful is one of the most upcoming photo sharing applications in the App Store. Take a picture, share it across social networking sites with ease of just one click. The picture can be added with frames and filters as desired. The sharing feature enables to add the photo to Facebook Wall, Albums, Friends' Walls or Pages you admin, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Flickr, and e-mail.


Shoot and preview many pictures directly from the camera or select them from your library. Use the Self-Timer mode for self-portrait or Photo Booth mode to save fun moments with your friends! Trendyful helps in recording full blown videos right from the app without the need to switch to the phone camera.

The feature that you would all like is that you don’t need to keep the app open to upload your pictures, you can just close it and forget it and it will upload on its open at the backhand. Yes you read it right, it works without actually being on the app.

Price: Free
Platform: iOS
App Link -

Path is an unknown photo sharing application but worth a mention for its sheer ease of use and interface. Path lets you create a photo stream similar to Instagram, but unlike Instagram where you can follow and be followed by thousands of people, Path only allows 50 members to be added.


Share instant photos, videos and chat right inside the application. Path Is well connected with all the main social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr; so you can easily check-in and share posts.

There are four areas in Path:
* ‘Home’ which posts all you and your friends moments (like your Facebook wall),
* ‘Path’ which is your path (like your Facebook timeline),
* ‘Activity’ which shows a condensed version of moments where you’ve interacted with friends, and
* ‘Settings’ which is self-evident.

Path is very similar to Facebook in terms of activities but the interface to Path is far more appealing than even Facebook and Path is not masses but for selected few close friends and family members only.

Price: Free
Platform: iOS and Android
App Link -

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