Vine gets biggest update yet

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  • Updated: Jul 04, 2013 18:25 IST

In the continuing battle between Twitter's Vine and Facebook-owned Instagram for users' short-video content, Vine has upped the stakes with its biggest update yet.

Vine, which enables users to share micro videos of up to six seconds in length and embed them directly on Twitter, underwent a major update on July 3.

The updates bring several new features to Vine including the ability to submit posts to, or simply browse, certain categories such as "Comedy", "Art and Experimental," and of course, because it is the internet, "Cats."

Other updates include the ability to share one's favorite posts with one's followers on Vine in a feature the company calls "revining," a function that essentially works in the same manner as "re-tweeting." But perhaps one of the most important updates to the service is the ability to make one's Vine feed private, visible to only the user and followers of that user that they have approved.

While this Vine update may up the ante in the universe of short-format video, with Instagram users now having the ability to not only upload but also edit video with a maximum length of 15 seconds, it remains to be seen which service will emerge victorious in this new tech battleground.


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