Commenting on Twitter, Facebook 'no longer same as chat in pub': UK lawyers

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  • Updated: Nov 07, 2012 15:11 IST

Now, posting any comment on social networks like Twitter and Facebook is no longer the same as a chat down the pub, two prominent British media lawyers have said.

Media lawyers Niri Shan and Lorna Caddy explained that when we post material online, we act as publishers and our publications are subject to the same laws as those of professional publishers, such as newspapers.

According to the lawyers, the court's ruling in cases involving social networks, suggest that the public cannot treat Twitter and Facebook as they would a casual chat in the pub, the Telegraph reports.

The remarks came as a UK District Judge Andrew Shaw recently ordered nine people to pay footballer, Ched Evan's, rape victim 624 pounds after they admitted disclosing her identity on Twitter and Facebook.

They were charged with publishing material likely to lead members of the public to identify the complainant in a rape case, the paper said.


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