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  • Updated: Sep 10, 2013 12:17 IST

The fact that the next device likely won’t go on sale until September 20 hasn’t deterred some Apple fans from getting in line even earlier than usual.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Apple launch without scenes of iDevice devotees camping outside stores in order to be the first mortals to get their hands on a phone or a tablet. However, in what can only be considered an act of ultimate devotion, these lines have started forming outside Apple’s flagship US store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan before the product in question has even been announced.

They’ll also be in for a long wait. The lines started forming on September 6 yet the official unveiling isn’t until September 10 and the next iPhone won’t be hitting the shelves until September 20. Let’s hope the weather forecast remains good.

An Ask.com survey, also published on September 6 reveals that 46 % of current US iPhone owners intend to buy the next-generation model as soon as it’s released. When asked what would be the most important feature on the next phone, 40 % of the 4000 respondents said that they wanted improved battery life, while 34 % were most exited by the promise of a fingerprint scanner, rumored to be embedded in the homekey of the phone for biometric authentication.

Apple is expected to debut not one, but two new iPhones at a special event at its company headquarters on Tuesday – a flagship device with a biometric scanner, and a new mid-range handset with a brightly colored polycarbonate rather than aluminum shell. The Ask.com survey also found that although industry analysts believe that the top end of the smartphone market has already hit saturation point, 60 % of those that said they are immediately buying the next iPhone said that they would be buying the flagship model.


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