Huge screens, ultra-HD: TVs dazzle at CES

  • AP, Las Vegas
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  • Updated: Jan 09, 2013 02:38 IST

The race to make TVs larger and larger has created a colossal problem for manufacturers: As screens grow, picture quality worsens — unless the viewer moves farther away from the screen. The issue is playing out in cozy dens and family rooms around the world.

In 2013, TV makers are doing their best to give huge-screen fanatics more breathing room. New “ultra-high definition” sets were shown off on Monday by LG Electronics, Sharp, Sony and Samsung Electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Consumers tend to buy a new set every seven years or so, and television manufacturers are hoping the technology will give consumers a reason to upgrade.

TV makers are also making their sets smarter. New TVs from Samsung, for instance, will recognise an expanded range of gestures so people can swipe through on-screen menus in a way that revolutionises the remote control. Ultra-HD sets come as small as new models from LG and Sony, which stretch 55 inches diagonally. And estimated prices are dropping from the tens of thousands to below $10,000, bringing these within the spending range.


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