Which smartphone do I buy?

You can go, grab it at the prices of Rs 44,500 (16GB), Rs 49,900 (32GB) and Rs 57,700 (64GB). Yes, the holiday season has officially started.

There was a time when a phone was about making a call. Then came messages, followed by multimedia messages. Now there are smartphones, which, for the still uninitiated, are advanced phones that enable you to store independent software applications, just like a computer. More important, they help you download content or surf the Internet at high speeds and effectively do on the top of your palm what you could a decade ago do only on the desktop.

There is Apple's iconic iPhone running on the iOS operating system. Google-championed Android platform is enabling dozens of manufacturers to offer smartphones at cheaper rates.  Nokia's Symbian platform is waning but the Finnish giant is now a key partner for Microsoft's Windows phones. And then there is the BlackBerry.

Which one does one buy? We guide you so you can choose which variant works best for you.


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