'Forza 5' PAX video showcases McLaren P1 at Laguna Seca

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  • Updated: Sep 03, 2013 12:49 IST

The McLaren P1 is Forza Motorsport 5's cover star. Photo: AFP

Forza 5 looks like it's on the right track -- or at least, its publicity is -- as Turn 10 boss Dan Greenawalt showed off his studio's "most ambitious" game during the PAX live stream.

During the nine-minute Penny Arcade Expo segment, Dan talked up the game's advancements in terms of real-world physics, lighting, innovative AI drivers, and the benefits of a partnership with tire manufacturer Calspan.

The upcoming Xbox One game "Forza Motorsport 5" will also incorporate the Laguna Seca raceway as well as the McLaren P1, both of which were prominent during Turn 10's PAX slot.

Dan also had a story to tell about the P1's impact at European games expo Gamescom earlier in August, as two out of the three sportscars on display were bought by expo attendees.

"These are some people that we actually know from the video game industry that have done fairly well for themselves," he explained. "They see a car that looks like that and they say 'i wanna buy it.'"

For the rest of us, "Forza 5" is positioning itself as a fantasy driving sim that is "really about building your dream garage," with the tarmac-tearing racer ready for the Xbox One's launch this November.


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