'Game of Thrones' given 'Minecraft' makeover

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  • Updated: Feb 01, 2013 15:46 IST

Westeros in all its splendor is being given a pixelated "Minecraft" makeover by a group of 100 game fans, with several shots of King's Landing most recently presented.

The group, which congregates at westeroscraft.com, has been working away at reconstructing George RR Martin's fictional fantasy land, and the city of King's Landing took "a little over 4 months" with around 100 builders working on it; the continent of Westeros is said to stand at an estimated 70 percent completion.

That's the good news. The bad news -- or news requiring a patient response -- is that the group doesn't intend to distribute the map until it's complete.

Those who have "Minecraft" already can tunnel in and spectate on progress, but the map itself is a colossal 35 gigabytes in size, while construction privileges are governed by a tightly controlled application process and a well-organized workflow.

After that, the continent of Essos is up next, and the ultimate goal of making "a giant, open world RPG with quests and [non-player characters]," one team member told the Reddit community.


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