Facebook to share users' 'Likes' with advertisers

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  • Updated: Oct 19, 2012 12:25 IST

A woman shoots a video of the sign at the entrance to the Facebook main campus. AFP/Robyn Beck

Social networking giant Facebook is now allowing "priority" marketers and advertisers use a new internal tool that shows them which other pages their own fans like on the social website.

AdWeek , which discovered the tool, said only "priority clients" are getting access to the tool for now, which Facebook has recently confirmed enabling.

"To help marketers build better campaigns, Facebook offers aggregated insights to managed clients that help them understand trends about their fan bases," the Sydney Morning Hearld quoted a Facebook spokesperson, as saying.

"These tools do not provide marketers with any data about their competitors' fan bases," the spokesperson, added.

According to the paper, the tool could help companies find out which TV shows their fans watch, which brands they buy and which bands they listen to, that would further help the firms to decide which TV show to advertise on or which song to use in a commercial.

The tool is only available internally, and Facebook is making marketers come to their offices to access it, the paper said.


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