Obama bans daughters from Facebook

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  • Updated: Dec 17, 2011 17:55 IST


Obama has admitted that he has banned his daughters from creating an account on Facebook till they are 18, to prevent unnecessary interference from strangers into family affairs.
The U.S. President said that it 'does not make much sense' to put the most private details of his family life on public view.
His elder daughter, Malia, is 13, and her younger sister Sasha is ten.
"Why would we want to have a whole bunch of people who we don't know knowing our business? That doesn't make much sense," the Daily Mail quoted Obama as saying.
"We'll see how they [his daughters] feel in four years," he added.
This comes despite the fact that Obama's Facebook page, which itself has 24million 'likes' remains a key part of his ongoing efforts to seek re-election and he even posted the latest official family portrait earlier this week.
It was given the caption: 'The new Obama family portrait!' and has hitherto drawn 71,000 'likes' and 11,000 comments.

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