Google honours creator of mobile art

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  • Updated: Jul 28, 2011 18:17 IST

Google doodle honouring Alexander Calder on his 113th birthday.

The latest Google Doodle celebrates the 113 birth anniversary of Alexander Calder, the American sculptor and artist famous for inventing the mobile sculptures and mobile art.

The Calder Foundation website describes him as the the most acclaimed and influential sculptor of our time."

Calder invented the mobile as a new method of sculpting: "by bending and twisting wire, he essentially 'drew' three-dimensional figures in space," according to the biography on the foundation's website.

Blogger Frank Watson, in his post at Search Engine Watch, call the Doodle "clever". "The doodle is clever -- it moves when you mouse around it – and there is a spot where it almost disappears. The shadow below the search box moves in synch, too," says Watson.


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