Nasa team sends conventional good luck peanuts and card to Isro scientists 

  • Vanita Srivastava, Hindustan Times, Sriharikota, AP
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  • Updated: Nov 02, 2013 01:27 IST

NASA came up with a special way to wish ISRO luck for it's much-awaited Mars mission. (Illustration by Jayanto)

As India braces itself for its ambitious Mars Mission, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Nasa has send a good luck card to the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), asking the scientists to pass around the peanuts before the launch, as they are considered ‘lucky’ for launches.

The card send by e-mail to the project director of the Mars Orbiter Mission was posted on the Facebook page of Isro’s Mars Orbiter Mission on Thursday.

“As you prepare for your launch to Mars, do not forget one of the few but important actions — pass around the peanuts,” read the message.

Mentioning the tradition of peanuts for Mars Missions at JPL, it says: “The peanut tradition goes back to 1960s with the very first missions we send to the moon. We had seven mission  & card to attempts to go to the moon before we succeeded, and on the seventh one, they had passed peanuts out in the control room. Ranger 7 — which in July 1964 became the first US space probe to successfully transmit close images of the moon’s surface back to earth — made peanuts a tradition at JPL.”

“Ever since, it has been a tradition to hand out peanuts whenever we launch or do anything important,” the message read. Meanwhile, the launch authorisation board met at Sriharikota on Friday to give a final clearance. The countdown will begin on November 3. The launch is slated for November 5 at 2.38pm.


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