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10 apps that can help you stay safe

We’ve all felt vulnerable while walking alone in the city. And unfortunately, a year after the horrific December 16 gangrape, safety of women still remains a concern. While we debate and discuss to find a long-term solution to the issue, we at least have our daily gadget — the mobile phone — to our rescue

In first, Google Glass wearer gets driving ticket, pleads not guilty

Cecilia Abadie, who was wearing the hi-tech eye-wear but says it was not turned on at the time, was charged with speeding and distracted driving on a San Diego area freeway on October 29.

Amazon unveils futuristic drone that will deliver packages to doorsteps

Want that Amazon order in just 30 minutes? The CEO of the US online retail giant, Jeff Bezos, says he hopes to soon deploy an armada of mini-drones able to drop small packages at your doorstep.

Samsung launches Galaxy SIII Swarovski crystal edition

The revamped handset, currently exclusive to Germany, is decorated with over 100 crystals and is aimed at fashion-conscious German women.

Qualcomm launching smartwatch in time for the holidays

The strangely named Toq will be available from December 2 and is priced to compete head to head with Samsung's Galaxy Gear.

Now, sunglasses to power your smartphone

What can you do with your sunglasses when the Sun goes down? You can use them to charge your smartphone! An Indian designer based in the US has turned a pair of sunglasses into a smartphone charging device by adding solar panels to them.

Soon, 'self-healing' batteries that may never wear out

Researchers have created the first battery electrode that is capable of healing itself.

Videocon launches 3G-Calling tablet at Rs. 8,999

Videocon Mobile Phones, a VideoconGroup company, as part of expanding its offerings in budget tablet segment, has launched 3G-calling tablet Videocon VT85C at Rs. 8,999.

PlayStation 4 will have MP3 and CD playback

Sony's President of Worldwide Studios confirmed that the company is listening to its fans and will make sure the PS4 can play MP3s and CDs -- just not on "day one."

Now, 'smart trench coat' that tells you when it will rain!

After smartphones, smartwatches and smartglasses, now techies have reportedly developed what is touted as a 'smart trench coat', which comes laden with a built-in 4G data connection, smartphone charger, and a weather app that tells when should someone wear the coat!

Google Glass gets music integration

After announcing new photos and video conferencing features for its augmented reality device, Google is expected to introduce new music features.

Now, build your own smartphone-controlled robots!

Engineers have developed magnetic robot construction kits which enable you to build your own smartphone-controlled toy robots that can drive and wiggle.

Ultra-high expectations for Panasonic tablet

Panasonic has become the world's first company to offer a tablet with a 4K, ultra-high-resolution display, but that ultra-high quality comes at an ultra-high price.

Now, 'pedal-charge' your laptop while working

A US design firm Pedal Power claims to have developed a revolutionary new desk with a built-in cycle, pedalling of which generates electrical power to charge laptops and other devices.

Nokia preparing 8-inch Lumia tablet for 2014 release

Nokia is reportedly developing an 8-inch Windows-based Lumia tablet for its next year release.
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