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Tweets with images, hashtags get more re-tweets

A study that analysed two million tweets has found images in a tweet increases chances of its re-tweet more than four times.

Facebook testing new classifieds feature within Groups

Social networking site Facebook is reportedly experimenting with a feature where Group members can post details about the items they intend to sell instead of the usual status updates.

Twitter set to partner with Foursquare to add location to tweets

Social networks Twitter and Foursquare have reached a deal under which tweets would now include information about the location of users.

Twitter in two minds over autoplaying videos on users' timeline

Social networking site Twitter is reportedly in two minds over autoplaying videos on its users' timeline.

Facebook now auto-enhances your photos

Facebook has now started improving the contrast and lighting of all images uploaded by the users.

Facebook's India user base grows to 112 million

Growing internet penetration and a large youth population has helped world's largest social network platform Facebook expand its userbase in India to 112 million -- the second largest after the US.

Tech giant Google studies the use of colour in business

Google is one of the major US corporations researching the power of color in the working world, in everything from workspaces to marketing and branding.

Excessive Facebook use could lead to poor impulse control

Excessive online social networking is not only addictive but can be associated with other disorders involving poor impulse control that can lead to substance abuse, a new research shows.

Facebook doesn't love the idea of a 'dislike' button

While Facebook's well-known thumbs-up 'like' buttons let people easily show support or enthusiasm for posts, some folks think the sentiment seems off-target for somber subjects such as news of death or other sadness in the lives of friends.

Google+ launches 'customised' gender options facility

Google Plus has introduced a new category named 'custom' that would enable users to define their gender more freely rather than adjusting to the already existing options of 'Male', 'Female', and 'Other' category.

Use of social networking sites drops in UK, US during 2014

According to a study conducted by U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom, the use of social networking sites like Facebook has dropped in the United States and the United Kingdom during 2014.

Facebook tool to keep you from uploading embarrassing photos

Facebook is building an artificial intelligence tool that would warn people when they are about to do something they might regret later such as uploading an embarrassing photo on the social networking site.

Facebook launches new publishing tools

In a bid to give more teeth to advertisers and those who want to promote posts on Facebook, the social networking site has launched new tools that allow a greater ability to target posts and promote content.

Politics to cricket: India's 2014 Twitter record

Indians talked about politics, movie icons, cricket, celebrated and argued about moments and events on Twitter throughout 2014. And all of it reflected in their tweets and retweets.

Facebook research most shared online study in 2014

A controversial Facebook study that attempted to influence "emotional state" by selectively showing positive or negative stories in users' news feeds has received more online attention than any other scientific research in 2014.
Hands-on: HTC One X
We have been waiting for this ever since the phone was announced at the Mobile World Congress by HTC but we finally have the majestic HTC One X in our hands.
Cover lands on Google Play Store
The contextually aware lockscreen app, which always offers users the right app, at the right time, is finally out of private testing and is ready for the masses.
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