Aap Ki Kachehri returns

It doesn’t have a fixed date yet, but the courtroom reality show, Aap Ki Kachehri, hosted and judged by Dr Kiran Bedi, will return in the first quarter of 2011 with its third edition. Until then, the ex-police official and her team of legal experts will travel across big and small cities, set up a mediation camp and have people come forth with their issues for solutions, taking the show into homes before it goes on air.

The series of camps, flagged off in Delhi, has now moved into Madhya Pradesh and will be set up in Mumbai in January. Dr Bedi confirms that she will be present at all the camps to hear problems out and solve them amicably. “This is the best way to bring the show back. In the television show, the number of cases that one can hear is limited. But now that we’ve stepped out of the studios, we can touch many more lives and relieve them of their problems,” she asserts.

The mediation camp, according to Bedi, brings expertise in legal aid, psychologists, counsellors, social workers and NGOs together and functions like a clinic where people with diverse issues can seek constructive solutions.

“It’s important because in the last two seasons, I realised that in more than half the cases, people didn’t know whom to approach when they were in trouble. They didn’t know which legal route could help them the best. I think this camp was required to increase awareness in the remotest pockets of our country,” says Bedi, and urges Indians to celebrate January 26, not only as our Republic Day, but also as “legal rights and responsibility day” to reduce the drought in legal information and spread mass awareness for day-to-day functioning.

Judge Judy, an international courtroom reality show, currently on air in the US, in its 15th year, apparently is the inspiration behind Bedi’s show. Bring this up and she says, “Aap Ki Kachehri is a home grown concept. There are a lot of court-shows all across the world, so people tend to draw similarities, but Aap Ki Kachehri has its own feel of the ‘real’ India.”

She adds, The format was created keeping the Indian audiences’ issue and concerns in mind and even the solutions suggested are in accordance with that.”

For its current initiative, the channel, Star Plus that airs Aap Ki Kachehri, has partnered with National Commission For Women, Mahila Dakshata Samiti, Navjyoti, Savigya, and other NGOs, which are active in the field of counseling. 

In its first camp in Delhi, some cases based on civil issues including property, marital life, family disputes will make it the actual show.


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