Anita Advani: had I played politics, I would have still been in Bigg Boss

Anita Advani

The latest to be evicted from reality show Bigg Boss, late actor Rajesh Khanna’s alleged live-in partner Anita Advani says that she is yet to figure out why she was ousted from the house so soon.

“I really don’t know the reason. Everyone is playing dirty politics in the house and trying to influence each other. They tried to influence me too. Had I played politics, I would have still been inside,” she says. About her experience, she says, “It was a very different experience. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.”

She adds that she did not go on the show for money or popularity. “I don’t want any of that. I wanted to clarify certain things. People’s minds were full of negativity about me. I wanted to tell them that truth is different and they should see what kind of person I am... that I don’t play politics,” she says.

VJ Andy and actor Shilpa Agnihotri had discussed her relationship with Khanna on the show, and Advani says that she never found it odd. “It is sad to talk about it but sometimes you need a vent.” Who is the most cunning person in the house? “Shilpa and Apoorva,” she says, adding that she has made great friends with Tannisha.


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