BIGG BOSS 6: I’m not a bechari, says ousted Delnaz

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  • Updated: Jan 10, 2013 11:10 IST
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  • Delnaz Irani, Rajev Paul

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Being eliminated in the last week of a reality show is a bummer, but Delnaaz Irani isn’t disheartened. While walking away from Bigg Boss, she says Uravashi Dholakia is most likely to win.

How will life be after Bigg Boss?
I will take a break as three-and-a-half months is a long time (the time she spent in the house). Then it’s back to regular work. Some people in the house said, ‘We will hike our price after the show’, but I have always been a hardworking actress and never behaved like a star.

Who do you think will win?
I really don’t know. I always thought it would come down to Uravashi (Dholakia) and me, but now that I am out, she stands a strong chance.
Delnaz had broken down when Bigg Boss asked her if she was still in love with Rajev, during a task.

On the show, you mentioned that you have moved on. Was that a hint about a new romantic relationship?
No. But I am willing to date, am ready for another relationship and when the right person comes, I will take it forward. I have given a lot to this relationship (with ex-husband Rajev Paul) for 14 years. I have always been a people’s person and deserve love.

Sapna (Bhavnani) said that you portrayed a bechari (someone in distress) act in the house.
It’s her opinion but I know I have never projected myself as a bechari and I am not one at all. I have moved on after the divorce. I stand tall today. She doesn’t know me well, so I don’t have to explain myself. As a person, I don’t scream or shout, act dominating or talk about my divorce.

Yet all the unpleasant details are out in the open now.
I wish that hadn’t happened. I wanted to handle things with dignity. The technicalities of divorce and financial stuff need not have been revealed. Television is a small fraternity, and I’ve worked hard to make a place for myself.

When you meet Rajev now, will you guys be friendly?
Before the show, we were not even on talking terms. Now, at least, we are cordial.

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