BIGG BOSS 6: Imam Siddiqui enters secret room

  • Vishal and Sana

    Vishal and Sana on a dinner date organised by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 6 house.

  • Sana, Vishal, Rajeev

    Sana breaks down when Vishal refused to woo her as part of a task in Bigg Boss 6 house. Bigg Boss gave a task to ...

  • Rajeev Paul, Vishal and Sana

    Rajeev Paul and Vishal try to woo Sana for a date.

  • Vishal and Sana

    Vishal confessed that he is 'falling for' Sana. Bigg Boss 6

  • Imam

    After showing his violent side initially, Imam seems to have calmed down. Bigg Boss 6

  • Delnaz

    Delnaz breaks down when Bigg Boss asks her if she is still in love with Rajeev, during a task. Bigg Boss 6

  • Rajeev Paul and Imam

    Rajeev Paul and Imam often end up having fights. Bigg Boss 6

  • Imam

    Imam was a chor (thief) during a Bigg Boss task called chor sipahi. He was put in jail for stealing money. Bigg Boss 6

  • Delnaz and Imam in Bigg Boss 6 house.

    Delnaz and Imam in Bigg Boss 6 house.

  • Karishma and Niketan

    Karishma and Niketan hold hands as they wait for the result of evictions in Bigg Boss 6.

The first day of 2013 began with the song Hai Junoon in Bigg Boss 6 house.
Imam Siddiqui begins the day wishing Sapna a happy new year and then goes on to nudge Sana Khan into wishing Happy New Year. Sapna shows gratitude towards Imam. Later in the day, Imam creates a ruckus over spilled food. He accidently spills some food Sapna had kept for herself. However, while cleaning the spilled food, Imam begins blaming Sapna for the spilled food saying it was kept at the wrong place.

Imam Siddqui later eats roti from the dustbin saying food should not be spoilt. He argues with Delnaz Iraani and Rajev Paul over the wastage of food after picking up the roti from the dustbin. Imam Siddiqui says he will eat it. He then blames everyone for wasting food.

Imam Siddiqui picks up a fight with Sana Khan. Imam Siddiqui and Rajev Paul then have a fight upsetting the mood of every house inmate. Both Rajev Paul and Imam Siddiqui abuse each other while Delnaz and Sana try to pacify the situation. Sana and Delnaz Irani ask Rajev to cool down.

Just after the temperatuires cooled down in Bigg Boss house, Imam entered the store room and found himself locked. Bigg Boss house inmates try searching for him, but in vain. Imam, on the other hand, is told by Bigg Boss that he will stay in the secret room till further orders. Imam Siddiqui also gets to see live feed of the Bigg Boss house even as the inmates speculate whether he has been evicted.


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