Bigg Boss 7: Anita Advani is the latest eviction

In the weekly evictions, Anita Advani was sent out of the house on Saturday.

Interestingly, the show has often been blamed for being orchestrated and tonight's eviction only supports the speculation. Of the names that were nominated this week, Anita Advani has been least entertaining.

While Gauhar continues to entertain with her flirting attitude and strong statements, Asif and Elli too, join Gauhar with their subtle tone of flirting and peculiar Hindi.

Anita is the only one who does not fit into the entertaining mould of Bigg Boss house. While this could be a reason for her eviction, she has officially been evicted on the basis of viewers' vote.

Surprisingly, not only have they gelled well, they seem to be the new love birds in Bigg Boss 7.

Also, Saturday night saw Tanisha giving back massage to Armaan. The actress also asked Kohli to take her to an "exciting place" after she leaves Bigg Boss house.

Earlier too, we have seen Armaan dropping a hint or two to Tanisha regarding his attraction. He had once told Tanisha after a heated discussion that he listened to all nonsense because she was saying it. He would not have taken it from anyone else, he added!

The house also has another couple - Gauhar and Kushal. Not only have we seen the duo stealing loving looks at each other, Kushal has even said he is attracted towards Gauhar in as many words.


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