Bigg Boss 7: Armaan fights with Kushal, Sofia

  • Kushal made re-entry in Bigg Boss in complete Bollywood style. He entered the house as 'Badtameez Dil' blared out of the loudspeakers. Take a look.

  • Kushal Tandon hugs Armaan as he makes a re-entry into the Bigg Boss house on Wednesday night. Armaan was quite elated to see Kushal.

  • Interestingly, Kushal even hugs Tanisha after as he enters the Bigg Boss house once again.

  • Kushal meets Andy warmly; an elated Armaan looks on.

  • Kushal meets the inmates as he re-enters the Bigg Boss house.

  • A happy Kushal shares a light moment with Andy.

The luxury budget task of making toys continues on Wednesday's episode. 

The lack of raw materials and working overnight aggravates the contestants. Sofia's team is irritated as Armaan’s team manages to grab a large quantity of raw materials for making the toys.

Aijaz and Sofia throw away bags of cotton outside the house to slow down the production of Armaan's team. Catching Sofia throwing the bags, Armaan yells at her and Sofia, in turn, pushes Armaan when he approaches her.

Armaan complains to Bigg Boss, seeking fair judgement. Bigg Boss warns Sofia to follow the rules, after which Armaan demands an apology from Sofia.
Earlier in the day, Armaan and Kushal get into a fight over the raw materials and manufacturing tactics. Annoyed with each other, both begin commenting on the other's personal lives.
Meanwhile, Gauhar’s captaincy turns ugly. Tanisha complains to her that she is failing as a captain and Gauhar breaks down because she unable to control the fights.
Soon, Tanisha points out Gauhar’s inefficiency as captain and asks her team to boycott her. Armaan and Andy agree with her and decide to support Tanisha.
Following the boycott, Bigg Boss delivers a task re-start letter, reminding both teams that Gauhar’s decisions are to be deemed as final. The letter also asks the teams to continue manufacturing toys until the next order comes in.

The cotton bags which were thrown outside the Bigg Boss house by Aijaz and Sofia are returned to Armaan’s team. However, Kushal refuses to participate in the task anymore because of his shoulder injury.
In the evening, Aijaz hides one of the well-made toys for his son.
As night approaches, Gauhar decides that she will avoid Tanisha ‘forever’. How long will this forever last?
Catch the action and fun at 9pm tonight.

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