Bigg Boss 7: Asif or Elli, who will be evicted?

  • Kamya and Armaan are definitely not enjoying each other's wonderful company right here.

  • Armaan's outburst in Bigg Boss 7.

  • Golden girl Gauahar is having a bad day at Bigg Boss. Man down?

  • Wet wrestling? Is that okay on national TV?

  • Sangram trying a Matrix at the Katghara?

  • Ooh shouting match! Tanisha - 1, Gauahar - 0.

  • Tanisha holds ground at the Katghara, accuses Gauahar of bias.

  • Kamya sips her coffee alone. Plotting? We hope not.

  • Gauahar breaks down after over-working herself. Oh, drama, drama.

  • Shilpa and Tanisha trying to make amends?

In the weekly evictions on Saturday night, Asif and Elli are most likely to be sent out of the Bigg Boss house.  

Of the names that were nominated this week, Asif and Elli have been least entertaining. 

Armaan, Tanisha and Kushal have ensured that they have enough coverage on air. These three contestants have often dominated the show with anger as well as love. 

While Asif may have tried his bit - flirting with Gauhar and fighting with Andy or Armaan (which may save him from eviction), Elli, on the other hand has done very little to stay in the game. 

Also, Elli's participation is speculated to be part of publicity strategy for her movie Mickey Virus. Now that the film is out in theatres, she might as well be voted out!

Watch the eviction tonight at 9pm.

Vote for the contestant you hate and predict your own eviction!


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