Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar awaits Kushal's return

  • Bigg Boss 7

    Kushal carried Gauhar as she almost fainted minutes before the exit doors of Bigg Boss were opened. The duo saw a dramatic exit, though Gauhar ...

  • Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar Khan opted to quit Bigg Boss 7 after Kushal was dismissed from the reality show for being violent.

  • Andy with Elli Avram

    Aijaz and Candy try to distract Andy and Elli as part of the Bigg Boss task 'Ignore the opbvious'. Elli was trying to reason out ...

  • Bigg Boss 7

    Armaan assures Andy that he stands by the stylist, some time after Kushal charged at him inside Bigg Boss house.

  • Kamya and Pratyusha in Bigg Boss house

    After Bigg Boss announces that Kushal will have to leave the house, Kamya, Gauhar and Pratyusha insist that they will accompany him as well. Here, ...

  • Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar confronts Andy and tells him that his actions during the task 'Ignore the obvious' were derogatory and hurt her as a friend in the ...

  • Gauhar and Kushal

    Gauhar and Kushal leave Bigg Boss 7 house.

  • Gauhar, Apoorva and Sangram

    Gauhar, Apoorva and Sangram try and stop Kushal from hurting Andy after the actor grew violent and charged at Andy in Bigg Boss house.

Ever since Kushal's eviction from Bigg Boss house, the followers of the reality show have been debating over several issues concerning his exit, inclunding the neutrality of Salman Khan.

Twitter has been abuzz with tirades against Salman for favouring Tanisha.

Back to Kushal, it is uncertain whether he will be back on the show. His re-entry is yet to be decided. 

Meanwhile, Gauhar, who returned to the Bigg Boss house, just a day after leaving with Kushal, is seen being despondent on Monday's episode. 

Gauhar feels that since Salman Khan sought opinion from all quarters on Kushal's return, the TV actor might just be back on the show. Throughout the episode, Gauhar is seen staring at the door with hope, perhaps expecting to see Kushal. 

When we contacted Kushal on Monday, he confirms that as of now, his return is not finalised. Kushal also asserted over phone that he was not wrong, while admitting that the manner in which he acted may not have been right. 

Meanwhile, Andy tells Sofia that he is not comfortable with Kushal's possible return. 

Catch the melodrama at 9pm tonight.


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