Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar, Tanisha fight over secrets

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    Kamya and Armaan are definitely not enjoying each other's wonderful company right here.

  • Armaan's outburst in Bigg Boss 7.

  • Golden girl Gauahar is having a bad day at Bigg Boss. Man down?

  • Wet wrestling? Is that okay on national TV?

  • Sangram trying a Matrix at the Katghara?

  • Ooh shouting match! Tanisha - 1, Gauahar - 0.

  • Tanisha holds ground at the Katghara, accuses Gauahar of bias.

  • Kamya sips her coffee alone. Plotting? We hope not.

  • Gauahar breaks down after over-working herself. Oh, drama, drama.

  • Shilpa and Tanisha trying to make amends?

As the episode begins, Bigg Boss asks the inmates to confess whatever they have said about their fellow contestants behind their backs.

Gauhar, Aijaz, Sangram, Andy and Tanishaa gather in the living area and begin the task. Andy starts the task and tells Gauhar that he never liked Kushal and always doubted their future. 

Andy then tells Tanisha that he did not appreciate her picking a fight with him and blowing things out of proportion. 

Following Andy's lead, Aijaz tells Gauhar that she is a dear friend to him. He then says that he did not appreciate Tanisha's cold behavior and always complained about it to Sangram.

When its his turn to speak, Sangram is at his diplomatic best and tells Gauhar that he did talk about her being a player and influencing people but has never had bad notions about her.

Gauhar and Tanisha’s confessions, however, lead to a fight between them. Both accuse each other of holding back a lot of things that they have spoken.

With dark secrets being revealed, what new twists will it bring in the finale week of Bigg Boss?

Catch the drama at 9pm tonight.

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