Bigg Boss 7: Kamya switches sides, ditches Gauhar

Kamya awards Armaan as Sabse Gaddar on Bigg Boss Awards' Night.

We all know by now that the weekend luxury task, Bigg Boss Ki Toy factory resulted in a series of fights. The after-effects of the task linger and it seems to have disturbed the existing equations in the house.

When Bigg Boss asked housemates to unanimously pick the weakest performer of the task, Gauhar, Kushal, Aijaz and Sofia voiced their choices. But surprisingly, Kamya kept mum. So what was going on in her head?

Well, after the names were announced in front of Bigg Boss, Kamya -- who's good friends with Gauhar -- went up to Armaan and Tanisha and told them that she'll always support the right people.

Kamya confides in Armaan and Tanisha

It is to be recalled that Gauhar and Andy locked horns over the quality of work done by Armaan and Andy's team in the weekly task, while they did a better job than Sofia's team.

Tanisha and Armaan appreciated Kamya's stand and praised her. But wonder how did Gauhar react when she came to know about her friend Kamya's conversation with Armaan? Well, she certainly didn't take it too positively, and ignored Kamya after that.

Is it the end of friendship between Kamya and Gauhar or are they playing a new game? Watch tonight's episode for more.

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