Bigg Boss 7: Kushal, Gauhar regret being separated

  • Bigg Boss 7

    A still from Bigg Boss 7.

  • Apoorva Agnihotri and Armaan Kohli

    Apoorva gets a new haircut as part of the weekly luxury budget task in Bigg Boss house. Armaan Kohli and Asif play the harstylist for ...

  • Bigg Boss.

    The big swap in Bigg Boss.

  • Bigg Boss.

    The big swap in Bigg Boss.

  • Shilpa Agnihotri

    Shilpa finally smiles after hours of crying over the new haircut of her husband Apoorva.

  • Bigg Boss 7.

    A still from Bigg Boss 7.

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    Akshay Kumar visited Bigg Boss 7 for promoting his film Boss.

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    Kamya Punjabi and Kushal in Bigg Boss 7 house.

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    Even as Bigg Boss 7 enters its fifth day, the inmates have already begun making friends and foes. Browse through some interesting moments. Anita Advani and ...

Tabadle Ki Raat is here again. This week, Bigg Boss 7 will see couples getting separated.

Bigg Boss summons Armaan and Kamya to the confesison room and demands the names of two worst and best performers from each side. After discussing with their respective groups, they decide to nominate Kamya and Andy as the best performers while Arman and Kushal are declared to be the weakest ones. 

Kushal breaks down when he learns about the decision  - possibly because of separation from Gauhar. Gauhar tries to pacify him. the time of swap, each Jahannumwasi is asked to name one Jannatwasi they don’t wish to see staying in Jannat.  Tanisha and Gauhar are sent to Jannat while Pratyusha and Kamya stay back. 

Tanisha feels depressed and unhappy as Armaan is still in Jahannum after the Tabadla. She goes up to the wishing well and asks him to be sent to Jannat. Kamya and Pratyusha too wish the same. 

Acting as Cupid, Bigg Boss decides to make Tanisha’s wish come true by getting Arman on the Jannat but not for free. Tanisha, Kamya and Pratyusha are asked to name one Jannatwasi who will move to Jahannum to get Arman on this side. 

Gauahar volunteers to go to Jahannum but finally they decide to send Andy instead. She is later seen crying as she wanted to go to Jahannum.

Catch the excitement and anticipation at 9pm tonight.


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