Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon is back

  • Bigg Boss 7

    Kushal carried Gauhar as she almost fainted minutes before the exit doors of Bigg Boss were opened. The duo saw a dramatic exit, though Gauhar ...

  • Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar Khan opted to quit Bigg Boss 7 after Kushal was dismissed from the reality show for being violent.

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  • Bigg Boss 7

    Armaan assures Andy that he stands by the stylist, some time after Kushal charged at him inside Bigg Boss house.

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  • Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar confronts Andy and tells him that his actions during the task 'Ignore the obvious' were derogatory and hurt her as a friend in the ...

  • Gauhar and Kushal

    Gauhar and Kushal leave Bigg Boss 7 house.

  • Gauhar, Apoorva and Sangram

    Gauhar, Apoorva and Sangram try and stop Kushal from hurting Andy after the actor grew violent and charged at Andy in Bigg Boss house.

Much has been said and done in the last few weeks since Kushal Tandon was evicted. The actor is finally back on the reality show.

Kushal Tandon's social media accounts posted late night on Wednesday: "Kushal has entered Bigg boss house. Please keep supporting him."

The social media scene was abuzz with demands to bring the controversial contestant back on Bigg Boss ever since he was shown the doors after being aggressive towards Andy. Petitions were floated on platforms like to bring back Kushal.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan has faced flak for his stand on Kushal's actions. Fans of the show and the Dabangg actor claim that Salman has been ignoring violent acts of Tanisha and Armaan, allegedly because they are from Bollywood. 

Salman has also been accused of being biased against Gauhar and Kushal, and against TV actors on the show in general. After the Bollywood actor's Twitter account was almost spammed with hate messages, he explained his stand, saying that he had nothing against Kushal. Meanwhile, Salman has made subtle hints that Armaan and Tanisha's antics were not ignored by him on the show as well.

Gauhar, who had opted out of Bigg Boss with Kushal, returned just a day later. She is currently one of the strong contenders inside the house.

With Andy, Armaan and Tanisha still inside, will Kushal's return spark new fights in the Bigg Boss house? Only time will tell.

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