Bigg Boss 7: surprise in store, Elli voted new captain

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A day after emerging as the surprise winner of Rajneeti task, we find that Elli is no longer a passive contestant in the house. Bigg Boss asks Elli to name two contestants for captaincy for which Elli nominates Tanisha and herself.

Interestingly, Bigg Boss calls for an open voting and Elli is elected as the new captain. Post the election, Elli holds a meeting and divides work.

During the course of the episode, Gauhar and Kamya tease Andy for the fact that Elli named Tanisha instead of him for captaincy! A hurt Andy replies that it is who he who chose not to become a captain this week instead. in the episode, we see Sangram confiding in Elli that he regrets his fight with Armaan.

Meanwhile Tanisha and Pratyusha fight over their work when Tanisha calls her kaamchor (lazy). An annoyed Pratyusha snaps back at Tanisha.

Pratyusha then complains to Kamya about the fight, but the latter asks her to be perfect with her work so that there is no room for complains.

In the evening, Sangram asks for a broom with an extension from the wishing well while Armaan asks for chicken for all the housemates. Sofia requests Bigg Boss to get Kamya to meet her daughter.  

Later Sangram and Sofia are made to compete with each other, the task being to make the other laugh. Whoever resists laughing, wins the task and gets his or her wish fulfilled. Sangram beats Sofia and wins the broom!

Catch the drama at 9pm tonight.


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